Geeks vs Hipsters: The Showdown Has Arrived [Infographic]

You might remember the Geeks vs. Nerds infographic we linked to some time ago. More than a few people have noticed some apparent similarities between geeks and hipsters. So Geeks Are Sexy has come up with another infographic comparing geeks and hipsters.The general theme running throughout the infographic is that while geeks may superficially resemble hipsters by doing things like wearing t-shirts with cool designs and skinny jeans because they actually like them, hipsters do it just to seem cool, edgy and “ironic.”

Geek Vs. Hipster infographic
Infographic via, by Geeks are Sexy.

It seems like an overly broad generalization, with the hipster in particular approaching a straw man, but still an interesting comparison. I seem to fit more of the “geek” profile, though I share some of the traits of the hipster: an interest in indie rock (thought I have diverse tastes), left-leaning politics, and environmentalism. The last one may be simply due to regional influence. I’m originally from the Bay Area and moved to the Pacific Northwest, so it’s incredibly hard not to be green where I live. The one thing I don’t do is skinny jeans, mainly because I’m not skinny enough for them.I felt drawn to do those things, not because I thought they made me cool. Like the Devo song goes, I’m “through being cool.”

And if you think only hipsters do facial hair, you should visit a Linux user’s group some time. You’ll find plenty of hirsute geeks there.

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