Android Version 2.2, the Froyo is here: Experience the power of an Android device.

It was anticpated wildly and it came wildly. Yes it is the latest Android OS Verion 2.2 we are talking about. And for the time all the hype surrounding the iPad, iPhone HD and iPhone 4.0 OS seems to be reduced to dust as Android takes it over with Apple, literally.

While surfing the web today, it will be nearly impossible for you to miss what happened at the ongoing Google I/O conference (yes, where Google gifted HTC EVO phone to the attendees) with the launch of Android 2.2 whose feature addition has taken the smartphone market by storm. Moreover, it showcased Google is not following Apple anymore in the smartphone domination race, it is in fact way ahead and taken a decent position in the TV market, too.

Froyo Main

A successor to version 2.1 Eclair released back only in January this year, you gotta simply admire what Google has done within a time span of roughly 5 months with the announcement of Froyo which promises more than what you would have expected and what Apple would do in a gap (pretty fixed) of One year. So, here it is.

Froyo Tethering

What is exactly there in the Froyo which is sending the smartphone enthusiasts sound crazier than ever. They are always crazy, right? I know bcoz I am also one. But just like what a sequel should be to a game or a movie, Ver 2.2 is to Ver 2.1. It is bigger, smarter and more entertaining, as discussed below:

  • You can run Flash, finally!
  • You can work faster than ever with improvements expected somewhere between 2x to 5x, impressive!
  • You can convert your android device into a Internet hotspot to feed the connection to your other Internet hungry devices
  • You can update your android device from a PC over the air, using either WiFi or 3G. Well! this one was unheard even in rumors. But we were told (a hint) that the update is mind blowing. Truly.
  • You can update apps and music over the air. Like when you download an app on the PC, you can just send it over to your phone through WiFi. Moreover, when surfing a map, send a location from PC to phone via 3G. Thats cold!
  • You can also stream music now using your non-DRM Music library
  • You can save Apps now on a external card of your phone, too
  • You can enjoy a houseful of other new features including the fastest portable web browser (as claimed by Google), orientation support for browser, better zoom management in camera, automatic upgrading of apps, voice recognition for search and even Google translate with improvements, access camera from the browser itself, etc.

Froyo Processing Speed

Froyo Update - music and apps

Froyo Voice Recognition

Now that you know what you can do with Android 2.2, you can purchase an Android phone without any worry, WHATSOEVER. Right?

Nexus One users have an advantage here since they will the first one to reap the benefits of the new update. But do not worry, HTC has already come up with a statement that most likely, all 2010 HTC android phones will have Froyo update.

There is more, Google is registering 100,000 android devices on a daily basis and has 21 OEMs involved, in 48 countries with 59 carriers. AND ALL THAT, in just 18 months of the launch of Android. Beautiful, Unbelievable!

That is it from me on Froyo.

Via Gizmodo