Rockman, Aka Megaman Enters in a New Avatar: A Plastic Kit Model

Rockman, or lets refer it in a more popular way, Megaman keeps flashing into our animated world in new forms and concepts. So what avatar has taken place this time? The cute little Megaman comes to in the form of a plastic model with a baby-grin that definitely makes me croon and adore it.Rockman, Aka Megaman

This amazing concept is a step taken by Kotobukiya, who intended to make this actionable figure in the form of plastic model. Popularly known as the blue bomber, I bet every one is extremely eager to get their hands on this model kit, but a little patience is required, for the date and price of its release is yet not out.

Rockman, Aka Megaman (3)

But there is some good news, for you can know what is store in this awesome kit, that measures just 5 inches long. With a rocking E-tank, the kit also consists of three alternate faces, Rock Buster, a single pellet shot, and charged Rock Buster shot and a pair of fists. But you’ve got to, unfortunately wait for the release date, that’s due in September.

Rockman, Aka Megaman (2)

Rockman, Aka Megaman (5)

Well, I can’t wait to get my hands on this, so do you feel the same? Hold on then, for can place pre-orders at HLJ, Hobby Search, or Amiami. The approx. cost for this cute little kit is just $32, there’s nothing more I would ask for!

Rockman, Aka Megaman (4)

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Via: Comics Alliance Via Tomopop