The Greatest Cake in the World: Playable Angry Birds

There’s something about catapulting birds towards their respective dooms that brings about a sense of relief, freedom even. Something people of all ages can enjoy.

Angry Birds Cake

“Angry Birds” is reaching the point of popularity, almost iconic status that “Super Mario Brothers” has reached. Almost everyone who owns an portable Mac product has at least heard of the game, and most have enjoyed the endless puzzles. While the game deals with a lot of physics, it’s simple enough to grasp that anyone can pick it up and play, even a six year old.

This lucky six year old is the son of Mike Cooper over at Electric Pig. Mike designed a completely playable “Angry Birds” cake for his son’s birthday. The birds and pigs are made from icing left to harden over night and mixed in with a little flour to attach the snouts and beaks. The only bird that had an extra material was the red bird, which had a little marzipan for the proper belly color.

Angry Birds and Pigs Decoration

Icing is also used for the stones,  ice blocks and grass and also dyed to the appropriate color. The wooden beams are made out of Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers and the rest of the landscape is made out of chocolate cake and the topped with chocolate frosting. The only non-edible items are the slingshot and the board that everything is placed on, but hey, who really cares about that when you can play with your food?

Angry Birds Cake Finished

If you’re interested in making your own “Angry Birds” cake, you can check out the instructions that Mike Cooper posted online at Electric Pigs, or you can watch the video below:

This cake is sure to make anyone smile and will be a great hit for children of any age. Not only does the cake serve as a sugary treat, it’s also a fun game. What more could a kid, or anyone for that matter, ask for in life?

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Via: Classic Fun and Hole in the Net