Angry Brides Facebook Game Gives Angry Birds an Indian Twist

A new Facebook game gives Angry Birds an Indian twist and parodies some traditional ideas about matrimony in the Subcontinent.

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Throwing shoes at the heads of suspicious suitors might not be the same as sending birds at pig filled castles, but the influence is there.

In ‘Angry Brides’, players have access to a veritable arsenal of shoes and other stereotypically feminine objects which they can then use to fend off the advances of three greedy suitors. Each time the player hits one of the suitors, he or she wins money to place in her “anti-dowry fund” to counter their demands that her family forks over cash.

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According to our source, the game was published by, a “leading Indian matrimonial site”, as in dating for the purpose of marriage, in order to highlight and parody some contemporary social issues about marriage.

The age of practice of dowry, where the father of the brides is forced to give a substantial gift to the family of the suitors, is still practiced today in Indian even though it is currently illegal. In the worst of cases, brides have been held captive by their husbands and even killed by husbands who were in it more for the money than the relationship.

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Shaadi hopes to shed some light on this issue with ‘Angry Brides’, reminding players that marriage should be about love, not money.

Apparently the game has already become quite popular, with over 270, 000 likes since it’s launch.