Angry Birds Gets a New Pink Bird Added to the Game

Looks like Angry Birds is adding some estrogen to their extremely popular game. A new female bird is about to show that girls can kick some big green pig butt!

Who hasn’t played a game of Angry Birds at least once? Everyone knows the game and the objective of the game. Everyone is familiar with the black, red, and yellow angry birds that you have to fling into structures, eliminating the mean green pigs. But all these angry birds are guys. What about girls? Girls can be just as mad!

Well, Rovio, the party responsible for creating an addicting game that makes us lose track of time and eat up the battery life on our smartphones and tablets, looking to inject some estrogen into their game is now creating a new character, a female character – pink bird.

The new character will be introduced in a new update to Angry Birds Seasons.

Look at that evil bird stare, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to mess with her and her bubble wand!

Just because she is pink, don’t think this new addition doesn’t pack a punch! She can get just as angry as her fellow compatriots. Check out the video below:

(Via: Gizmodiva)

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