Chinese Angry Birds Theme Park Is Finally Inaugurated

You’re probably thinking this is not the first time you read about an Angry Birds theme park built in China, and you’re right. The difference is that this one has Rovio Entertainment’s blessing license.

Apparently, Rovio Entertainment had in mind the construction of an Angry Birds theme park from 2011. The city of Changsha in China’s Hunan province became the location of the first such facility, but whoever built that park seemed to have opened the door for lawsuits, as everything was erected without a proper license. Rovio’s dream finally came true in the past few weeks, when the first official Angry Birds theme park was finally inaugurated in Haining, East China’s Zhejiang province.

Even though the Angry Birds theme park opened its gates in September, the official inauguration took place on National Day, which is October 1 in China.

The slingshot pictured below is quite scary. I wonder if it was placed there only to remind the kids of the iconic slingshot from the Angry Birds franchise, or if it can be actually used for sending kids into space. If the second scenario is the real one, I hope that there’s at least a proper surface on which children land.

The 10,000 square meters facility has angry pigs and birds everywhere you turn your look. There are even a Parkour activity park, a musical stadium, and an Angry Birds Castle, to top it all. Needless to say, such a park would not be complete without an official Angry Birds gift shop. Here, visitors can buy anything from keyrings and plushes to pillows and backpacks, all with the famous aviary characters. And just in case kids didn’t have enough time to play Angry Birds at home, they can do that in the gaming area on several electronic devices.

People have mixed feelings about this Angry Birds facility. Many say that it looks more like a themed park, rather than a theme park. On top of that, some claim that it’s quite easy to stamp a brand on something and call it a new attraction. As some people asked if there’s a ride where they shoot you into a building, I recommend watching the Centrifuge Brain Project. I feel that while the Angry Birds are nice, exploiting them for monetary gain is not very much so.

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