Angry Birds Epic RPG Announced by Rovio

With the huge amount of success of Angry Birds making fans wonder where the series will go next, developer Rovio, have announced an RPG called Angry Birds Epic.

Angry Birds Epic logo

Angry Birds is the little mobile title that could. Before Candy Crush, Angry Birds was the game that people cited in articles and in conversations about hugely successful mobile games. Its peeved flying characters and military piggies have drawn in millions of fans, all hoping to win the war between bird and pig and let our feathered friends seek revenge via the means of addictive, aerial gameplay. And that gameplay has proved a winning formula for the series’ developer, Rovio, as Angry Birds has spawned many licensed spin-offs (including Angry Birds Star War), toys, more game series’ (Bad Piggies is an example) and even its own TV show, but now, those furious feathered flyers are taking on a different sort of game genre as Angry Birds Epic, an Angry Birds RPG, has just been announced.

Putting the ‘Epic’ into its title, the Angry Birds role playing game will see players take on foes in a medieval themed fantasy RPG. Far from being an RPG of Skyrim sized proportions, Angry Birds Epic will go for the more modest approach, with Rovio choosing free to play as the monetisation way forward here, meaning that new and old fans alike are unlikely to be put off by having to pay for a game genre that the series is so far unfamiliar with. There were some criticisms of Rovio’s recent free to play Angry Birds title, Angry Birds Go!, a kart racer, due to the way that the paid-for features were implements, however, in Angry Birds Epic you get plenty for that reasonable price with collectible items, levelling mechanics and a combat system all on offer for no cost whatsoever. While the trailer above doesn’t really suggest how intensive the RPG elements of the game will be, the gameplay sounds solid enough at least to keep players occupied for a good amount of time and if they’d like to fly ahead like an eagle with a rocket on its back, it has also been suggested that Angry Birds Epic will offer the option to pay for extra items and boost your gameplay experience.

While the info recently revealed by Rovio isn’t overly informative, other info gathered about the game seems promising, especially as the aforementioned combat system will include turn-based combat, which is almost always a hit with both casual and core gamers. There’s also no word on a release date, which will do little to appease fans who are already incredibly excited for this game, but Rovio have announced that Angry Birds Epic has just been released for a ‘soft launch’ in Australia, Canada and New Zealand (likely to check for bugs and see what new features could be included) so expect a release date for more countries around the world to be announced soon.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more. 

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