Angry Birds Angry Birds Matched to PANTONE Colors

Angry Birds Matched to PANTONE Colors

Looking to choose a color to print out your next documents? A Brazilian illustrator makes it fun by including the Angry Birds in the PANTONE color system.

What if you were at your local UPS store, a interior design store, or if you were a painter or an illustrator, or any other business or profession that utilizes the PANTONE color system, and came across the familiar faces of the Angry Birds characters staring right up at you?

Well, Brazilian illustrator Filipe Marcus opted to match the characters of the extremely popular game to the PANTONE color system. Now, if you are scratching your head and wondering what “PANTONE” is, don’t worry, I have your back. PANTONE is the standardized color matching system that uses numbers to identify certain colors. The solid palette is the most widely used and consists of three to four numbers followed by either “C,” “U,” or “M.”

The series is called “Pantone Angry Birds” and on the bottom is the color code that best fits the color of the character.


Yellow Angry Bird’s ‘natural’ color is PANTONE DS 5-4 C.

The Red Angry Bird represents 192 C according to PANTONE standards.

The Pigs are 362 C on the PANTONE color scale.

The cute little blue Angry Bird’s color is PANTONE 1807 C.

Of all the Angry Birds, the bomb, Black Angry Bird, is simply Black C according to PANTONE.


Thanks to the team at Nerdgasmo for sharing this!

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