Angry Birds Motorcycle for Kids Pops Up in China

Chinese people are very fond of Rovio’s mad feathered creatures, and as proof of that stand a lot of themed car perfumes, car stickers, a helicopter, and these Angry Birds motorcycles, as of late.

The idea that games and toys are made for children is no longer valid, especially when it’s geeks we’re talking about. Of course, the size of the toy also matters a lot. If it’s an action figure or a LEGO set, chances are it might make the heart of a grown-up beat faster, but if it’s a motorbike that can only be used by kids, the older geeks will certainly regret not being small, again. Of course, there is always a way to get rid of that regret: get one of these for your kid! Then your kid will get to know what great parenthood means!

The invasion of the Angry Birds-themed items might be explained by the fact that Rovio’s creation is the most popular smartphone game in China. The full-size electric powered Angry Birds motorcycle pictured here is only one of the products that came from the hands of the people suffering from this terribly cruel form of aviary obsession.

The yellow tale of the motorbike is a bit in contrast with the rest, but considering that the product is meant for children, that is certainly something pardonable. The big, fat, angry head looks more like it belongs to a hawk. In the games, the Angry Birds have spherical shapes, fact that makes them more than fit as projectiles. Here, it seems that someone dragged their beak and caused their body to elongate. Still, it would be impossible to mistake them for something else, as they still resemble the original characters quite a lot.

The Angry Birds children’s motorcycle was brought to life by Kimi, a manufacturer located in Pinghu in the Zhejiang Province. Fully-charging the 6V/7A battery takes 12 hours, so the best thing to do would be to charge it overnight. After this, the kids would be able to embark on a 1.5 hour ride. Parents will not consider this motorcycle hefty, as it only weighs 7 kg. On the other hand, it is able to support kids weighing at most 30 kg. The speed is pretty decent, especially since kids perceive it differently. At 2.5 km per hour, on a single charge they’d be able to get 3.75 km away from you, so you should keep an eye on them!

Picky children will have three color options to choose from: red, purple and black. The price is one of the things that parents will enjoy, as the motorcycle can be had for only $23.

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