Angry Birds Soda Outsold Pepsi and Coke in Finland

Remember Pepsi and Coke? The two most famous soft drinks in the world? Well, apparently the Angry Birds soda outsold both of these in the home country of these wacky characters.

Angry Birds have replaced Nokia as Finland’s hottest export, and now they’re entering a new industry: the one of soft drinks. More than that, the Angry Birds soda is doing rather well, as its sales exceeded the one of Coke and Pepsi in Finland. This probably stands to show that Finnish people are really proud with their local products.

According to Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio’s CMO, the Angry Birds soft drink will soon be available in New Zealand and Australia. I’m going take a wild guess here and say that not long from now, this soda will be found in countries from all over the world. If this scenario turns out to be true, Pepsi and Coca-Cola need to rethink their strategies immediately, since what happened in Finland could easily happen in many other countries, too.

As the ones who had the chance (and luck) to taste this drink stated, Angry Birds soda resembles Lilt a bit, but it is not as sweet. In addition, this soft drink also reminded of apples. This sounds interesting and made me more than curious. If you ask me, I think Rovio’s initiative is not only brave, but also something that should have happened a long time ago. Some people, myself included, are tired of the same old flavors, when it comes to soft drinks.

As seen in the above images, the Angry Birds soft drink comes in (at least) four flavors, named Tropic, Paradise, Lagoon and Comet. I must admit, these names are not very suggestive as to what each variety tastes like. I can only hope that we’ll get to see and taste it for ourselves, rather sooner than later. To make sure that everybody is happy, Rovio included not only the birds on the soda cans, but also bad piggies.

This is not the first attempt at geeky soft drinks, as Mega Man and Pac-Man energy drinks have been seen, as well as Mario-themed sodas. However, I have no doubts that the Angry Birds soft drinks will be some of the most popular, not only because of the theme, but also because of what seems to be an original taste.

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