Animated Man of Steel Trailer

After three trailers being released, it’s safe to say that just according to the previews it seems Zack Snyder has done a pretty good job in the reboot of the superhero franchise that needed it more badly than anything else, giving Superman, hopefully, a fresh and updated look that sits well with today’s audiences.

Man of Steel 2013

A little secret about Superman Returns from 2006, which wasn’t considered to be a huge success. The only reason it’s budget propelled to a staggering $200 million-plus over the years was the amount of script rewrites and pre-productions the project went into for over a decade. The Bryan Singer directed film wasn’t bad, making over $400 million in the box office, but didn’t shake the world, meaning it had to be rebooted for a third time.

In steps Zack Snyder, who does have the ‘300’ success to his name and a lot of mixed opinions regarding the end result of Watchmen, who wasn’t going to be the most digestible comic book movie of all-time anyway. Superman is an easy character, but somewhat belongs in a different era, a different time.

Yet, with Christopher Nolan on board and the first shots from the three trailers we’ve seen so far, backed up by the music from Hans Zimmer that simply sends chills crawling up the spine of any Superman fan, be it through the comic books, TV cartoons or the Christopher Reeve films, it seems that right formula has been found to make it watchable and believable for the modern audiences.

All that’s left is watching the trailers and creating an even bigger self-buildup for the film. If you want to get creative, check out another edition of the third trailer, done by cleverly using footage from the DC animated universe films about Clark Kent, as it seems the Zimmer music works even better in this one.

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