LEGO Maniac Turns 8,000 Transparent Blocks Into a Chandelier

Typical LEGO bricks are great for building almost anything. However, when it comes to chandeliers and other objects that shouldn’t block the light, clear LEGO blocks are much better.

The following insane creation was brought to life by Copenhagen-based industrial designer Tobias Tøstesen. I called it that way not only because of the insane number of bricks used for this project, but also because it is a two-tier chandelier. Most people consider that these blocks are meant for kids, but if you check out the LEGO category on Walyou, you will notice that grown-ups can be really creative, too. Put some LEGO bricks into the hands of a geek and he or she will build you a new world!

The artist showed that he cares a lot about the longevity of beautifully designed things when he stated: “I enjoy when design through a simple story, form, and material is sensuous, and because of those facts continues to surprise, admire, and therefore achieve a long life.”

Tobias Tøstesen unveiled the LEGO chandelier at the 2013 Milan Design Week. Considering the magnitude of the event and the great number of journalists who attended it, the fact that a lot of design (and geek culture) blogs covered the story shouldn’t surprise anyone.

The clear LEGO chandelier is not only good looking, but also practical. The artist brought a fully functional LEGO chandelier at the aforementioned event. Tøstesen admitted that the project is complex, but he stated that the chandelier is “still keeping a dialogue with the real world of architecture and design, where bricks, despite their ubiquity, persist to challenge human creativity and continually forge new paths.”

I assume that the artist relied on LED lights to ensure the functionality of the chandelier, as incandescent bulbs would have devastating effects in time. The ones who want to learn more about Tobias Tøstesen are encouraged to check out his website. Hist other projects may not involve LEGO bricks, but are still very interesting, especially for designers.

The craziest thing about this two-tier clear LEGO chandelier is that people like it so much that they started asking on Designboom if it’s possible to buy one. Given the amount of bricks and time that were put into this project, I doubt that, if ever on sale, this would come at a small price. Regardless, this reaction should convince the artist of how much people liked his work.

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