Animated Sticky Notes

Stop motion animation is always a joyful experience for both children and adults alike. It is used in a variety of ways to fulfill various purposes in an entertaining manner. You might have a stop motion animation movie for children or messages delivered through the medium of advertisements. In fact advertising has made tremendous use of the stop motion technique for all kinds of products which you might have come across time and again. There is, however, an advertising campaign that has taken five long months to create and all in stop motion. This very unusual campaign was done in Brazil but is now available for the entire world to see.

Melissa, the popular shoe brand, partnered with a new shoe store in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to create one of the most amazing and fascinating advertising campaigns ever. It was a very different form of stop motion animation as it made use of the very simple post-its that we use to remember things. A whopping number of 35 thousand post-its in a variety of colors were arranged and rearranged over a period of five months. Being such a huge project also required a huge man force and it is not surprising that a total of 25 animators lent their bit of experience and expertise in bringing out this striking creation.

The advertising campaign is definitely special as it is one of the largest projects using the magnanimous number of post-its. There is another factor that makes it special. Being post-its they ought to have some message on them as that is what they are used for and to meet this requirement the public was called upon to leave behind their own special message for their loved ones. It had to be a message of love since the theme was “the power of love.’

Over a period of time people dropped in to sign in their love messages and the 25 animators worked around with these sticky notes placing them in planned order and creating a whole new world of experience. The entire animation has an elephant walking past, flowers blooming, a balloon scaling heights and many myriad designs being created one after the other. And all this is visible with a pixilated effect, thanks to the small sticky-notes stuck all over. All in all this is a wonderful experience for everyone who has been a part of it. And all this was done for a shoe store which should be expecting an equally huge turnout!

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