Newswire: Digg’s Best Release in Years?

This morning, released the Digg Newswire, a new aspect to their dying social website.  Newswire gives the diggers an opportunity to be completely transparent, also adding value to their diggs and buries.

When you arrive at, you’ll notice the Newswire Beta on the header. One little click is all it takes to find yourself in an area where searching for the best stories is made possible. You are able to search for how few or many is currently on the story. Searches can also be performed by category, trending or recent, and also the type of story submitted, such as image, news, video, etc.

If you are the type that enjoys stories hot off the press, consider searching by a fewer number of diggs.  On the other hand, if you prefer to check-out what others like or even a post that has activity, select a larger digg count.

Another new option for sorting is by fewer diggs.  Drop down to the desired number and begin searching for the best stories on Digg.

Many Digg users will appreciate the transparency when it comes to buries. These buries will only be shown if the user decides to bury the story while using Newswire. This feature will come in handy for the Politics category, one of the most controversial on

Best of all, you, the Digg user, will have the ability to stand up and be counted. While every vote (Digg) counts, yours will be weighted more, but only when you use the new Digg feature, Newswire. The feature is quite promising to attract new users and have older users return to

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