RoboBrrds: Animatronic Educational Robots for Kids

The RoboBrrds are animatronics robots designed to provide kids with some hands-on learning help in the form of boxy little birds.

robot angry birds arts

Not to be confused with the Angry Birds, the RoboBrrds are happy little robots that can interface with phones and computers and become fun and interactive learning tools for kids.

Made from a good supply of everyday household objects such as popsicle sticks, glue and bits of felt and other materials, these robots also pack quite a bit of hardware on the inside. Using Android powered brains, the RoboBrrds are able to interact with their surrounds and act differently depending on the circumstances.

To catch a glimpse of these nervous lookin fellows in action, check out the video below.

According to our source, there are a total of 3 different RoboBrrds, but more will be on the way.

Presently we have the little red one called Impy (short for ‘important’ not Impish) who’s made more than a few fans on Instructable. This happens to be a fan of fancy hats, and comes with a reader which lets it little motorized brain know which one it’s wearing.

The blue one called Learning Pet because, well, that’s what it’s meant to be used for. Apparently the creators want to have these guys help students learn by being a hands-on learning game. It can even interface with phones.

original robobrrd

The green one is the original RoboBrr. It was the first prototype, and things were still pretty rough around the edges. You’ll notice that it has the ends of pencils for eyelashes.

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