Apple under scrutiny in the EU over anti-competitive sales

The European commission has zeroed in on Apple following the statements of several carriers over the hardware manufacturer’s “unfair” business practice.


Cell phone carriers have received a nine page questionnaire from the European Comission, with focused queries regarding the sales practices, disabled tech functions and restrictions regarding the iPhone5’s 4G network capability. All this in an effort to nab Apple in what could be a lawsuit over anti-competitive and anti-trust laws. In its communications the FT stated that “There are also indications that certain technical functions are disabled on certain Apple products in certain countries in the EU/EEA. If the existence of such behaviour were to be confirmed, it might constitute an infringement […]”, which may not bode well for Apple in the coming future.


Earlier this year the New York Times reported that some European carriers had submitted their contracts with Apple over to the European commissions after some complaints over draconian business tactics that restricted the usage of consumers. Apple is denying the allegations, stating that it is operating entirely under EU laws, and the commissions are using the strength of Android devices as a crux for their argument in favor of the iPhone manufacturer.

It isn’t unheard of that a hardware manufacturer goes under the scrutiny of the commissions board, but having Apple become a target could potentially damage the relations that European carriers have with the American hardware manufacturer. While no suit has been launched yet, these allegations have been quietly mumbled around on the internet from sales representatives across the pond in the Americas as well. That being said, the market laws in the European Union are far more strict when it comes to these unfair business practices.

Regardless of the outcome, Apple’s sales continue to be challenged by Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone, which could mean that Apple’s flagship cellphone may be going the way of the dodo in a few more generations. Time will tell, I suppose!

Source: The Verge

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