A Pixel-esque View – Pixel Art Skyline Prints

Artist Miles Donovan captures three excellent cityscapes in 8-bit form.

8-bit Seattle Skyline Pixel Art Print by Miles Donovan image

Would you believe that these fantastic pixelated cityscapes were not screen-grabbed from an actual videogame, but rather drawn with Adobe Illustrator? I’m sure Miles Donovan, the creator of these portraits, hopes you’ll be taken by surprise when you learn the truth.

Over at The Daily Robot, Miles has posted three scenic images of Boston, Chicago, and Seattle, in the 8-bit graphical style of the NES. $20.00 prints that come in both daytime and dusk-time versions that would look absolutely beautiful framed on a wall.

8-bit Chicago Skyline Pixel Art Print by Miles Donovan image

And that’s mostly likely their intention, seeing as how each 12-inch squared portrait is printed on heavy 61lb white coverstock, which is some good quality stuff. It even comes signed by its talented illustrator to prove its authenticity.

If I were to choose one of Miles’s prints for my own keeping, I think I’d go with the above Chicago skyline at dusk. Just that shot from Lake Michigan paired with sailboats on the water is pure poetry (also, I want Chicago pizza), but really, all three are quite awesome.

8-bit Boston Skyline Pixel Art Print by Miles Donovan image

Visit Miles’s Etsy shop if you’d like to order one of these stunning skyline pictures and check out his other wonderful creations. And be sure to check the wonderful creations we come across on Walyou.com, like a life-sized LEGO X-Wing and a camera that prints out gifs – don’t ask me how to pronounce it.