Apple is quickly approaching their billionth sold iOS gadget

Apple’s quick rise after the revolution the iPhone represented is the ultimate success story. Now the company approaches a new milestone: their billionth sold gadget.


2007, when Apple released their first iPhone doesn’t seem that long ago yet looking at their positioning and brand recognition, it would seem they have been around forever. Since that initial iPhone there have been iPads and iPod Touch, the evolution of their previous smash hit, the original iPod.

So far Apple has sold over 225 million iPads, number which they expect to increase with the launch of the new models (chief amongst them the iPad air 2), and if things keep progressing smoothly, this quarter will see Apple’s billionth sale of an iOS device. The only other platforms that have achieved this milestone have been Facebook, Android, and Windows so far. This only took them seven years, imagine what they can do in seven more.

Via; The Loop

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