Apple Reportedly Delay iPad Mini with Retina Display

Apple look less likely to increase their lead in the mobile market as they are reportedly ‘unable’ to launch their iPad Mini with Retina Display this year.

iPad mini image

The mobile tablet industry has faced a huge boom as of late. You have smaller tablet computers from Samsung, just bigger than your phone, there are tablets from Microsoft who want to squeeze their PC operating system under the hood of a responsive touchscreen and there’s also plenty of other lesser known brands (including a new tablet from supermarket chain, Tesco), all of whom would surely love to take the crown of the seemingly omnipresent Apple. Apple’s iPads keep getting better with a variation in sizes between the iPad and iPad Mini being available now too, but as those rival competitors start to catch up, Apple’s market lead of 32.5% (as a company, in terms of OS, Android statistically leads with 62.6% of the market) looks under threat even more so as the company are said to be ‘unable’ to launch the iPad Mini with Retina Display before the end of 2013.

Sources who work on the production line of the Cupertino, Calif. based company, who spoke to news agency Reuters, simply stated that Apple would be unable to launch the iPad Mini, complete with the Retina Display required to give it crisp, shiny visuals that would not look amiss in a magpie’s mansion, as they are only just now starting to work on them. Such a development this late in the year means that Apple are unlikely to be able to complete Retina Display production anytime between now and November, leaving them on the back foot if they want to hoover up Christmas sales of those looking to get their hands on a brand new tablet this holiday season.

The source also told Reuters that the iPad Mini in question had been due for a reveal this month, but it’s unclear as to whether or not that will still go ahead (it’s suggested that perhaps not as Apple product launches typically go quite quickly from announcement to sale). Their source continued to say that as a result of the delay, only limited quantities would be able before the end of 2013, with a full release early next year.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Reuters

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