Amazing And Tasty: Geeky Meat Sculptures

Sculptures can be made out of plenty of materials, and depends purely on the skills of the artist, but this is one of the most unique takes we’ve seen yet.

Metroid Meat Sculpture

Sorry vegans & vegetarians, but this is just awesome: there’s a Tumblr blog called Epic Grinds that depicts characters from video games, movies, and tv shows made entirely out of meat. If you browse through their blog, you can see The Legend Of Zelda, Super Metroid, Star Wars and many other classics that are just too good to eat.

Pokemon Meat Sculpture

sonic & tails meat sculpture

We’ll try to find some soy sculptures for next time. Vegans & vegetarians deserve equal treatment anyways, don’t they?

Star Wars Meat sculpture

Source: The Mary Sue / Laughing Squid

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