Video Shows Every Apple Design in 30 Seconds

Apple has always shown a flair for great design, even all the way back in the ’70s. So it’s inevitable that someone would make a video showing Apple’s various designs over the years, going all the way back to the beginning.

This cool video was made by Rob BeSchizza of Boing Boing. “I’m a Sony guy, at heart,” Beschizza admits, “but even if each of its products were given only a single frame of animation, such a video would not end before the heat death of the universe. Also, times have changed.”

The video, titled is exactly what it says on the tin, with many Apple computer, peripherals, which shows how committed to good design Apple, especially under Steve Jobs, was. It shows every model, from The Apple II in 1977 introduced the idea of an attractive case with its iconic wedge-shaped design, to the iPhone.

It’s a great video, but the only problem is that you can’t blink or you might miss an awesome machine.

That’s not the case with Beschizza’s bonus feature, “Every NeXT Product Ever in 30 Seconds.” The company Steve Jobs founded after getting the boot from Apple only released two machines, but the awesome OS ended up becoming Mac OS X after Apple bought the company.

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