8-Bit Mosaics Starring Tanooki Suit Mario & Mega Man

Decorate you humble abode or backyard garden with these two super cool mosaics based on retro-gaming version’s of Nintendo’s Mario and Capcom’s Mega Man.

Mosaic Mario Image 1

Attention my gamer pals and gals: if you’re looking for that last second “pièce de résistance” for your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor fixture that just screams loudly to the neighbors, “hey everybody, a gamer lives here!” Then allow me to direct your home furnishing queries to these cute, incredibly made, tile mosaics featuring two well-established figures of the 8-bit gaming era, Nintendo’s red-capped plumber, Mario, and Capcom’s famous blue bomber, Mega Man.

Esty shop owner mikesmosaics is behind the creation of these two mosaic monoliths – both smartly assembled from many individual tiles of a glazed ceramic and terracotta base to recreate their in-game counterparts, which I’m sure no one would disagree with are simply fantastic. Plus, major bonus points for using the “Tanooki Suit” version of Mario, which I’m also sure no one would disagree with is the second best power-up in the Mushroom Kingdom – “Kuribo’s Shoe” for the flippin’ unanimous decision, no-contest win.

Now “Tanooki” Mario (priced at $250.00 USD without shipping) is a real heavy brute at its 27.5″ x 23.25″ measurements, so once you plop this guy down at a destination of your choosing, chances are it will stay put there. I would make a half-hearted joke right around here about how this goes against the very nature flight-granting attributes of the “Tanooki Suit”, but like that Barenaked Ladies song from the 90s that only I weirdly remember, “It’s All Been Done.” …To death, I should say.

Mosaic Mega Man Image 1

Meanwhile good ole’ Mega Man ($200.00 USD) is a tad more lightweight at 12.5″x15.5″ – making it an appropriate yard or garden display, and possibly a wall hanging if hooks are attached to the back of the mosaic instead of metal stakes. Either display set-up doesn’t come standard though, but as long you mention to mikesmosaics which you would prefer, they’ll gladly attach them free of charge. Neato.

I would take both Mario and Mega Man mosaics in a heartbeat – for reals – but sadly that would mean going without food for a whole month, and unfortunately my stomach is holding a gun to my wallet’s head as we speak. Oh well, some other time then! How about you check out this Zelda Triforce Lamp and The Simpsons Arcade Game, and stay tuned here on Walyou for the latest “hotness” on all things nerdy.