16 M.C Escher Waterfall Remakes for the Illusionist Within You

M.C Escher has been extremely popular for many years, and with his graphic artworks and spellbinding illusions still grabbing a lot of attention even in the Social Online world, he definitely deserves a worthy tribute. In this great collection, we will present 16 MC Escher Remakes of the Waterfall illusion drawing that was originally presented back in 1961.

mc escher waterfall

Image: Wikipedia

The Waterfall drawing is a favorite among illusion fans and is basiclaly a paradox which presents water from the base of a waterfall running up hill to form the actual waterfall. Since its release in October 1961, many have fallen in love with this illusion, and other artists have recreated it in different forms and acts. That is what we will see below.

Waterfall Illusion in Real Life

ms escher waterfall real life example

Earlier this year, a youtube video has made its rounds, presenting the infamous Waterfall illusion re-enacted in real life, with real water, and a live demonstration. While the illusion is apparent, the solution of how it has come to be started making its own rounds only a few days later (seen on bottom of post).

Lego Waterfall

mc escher waterfall illusion lego

Created as an ad for Lego with the suggestion: “Create the Impossible”, this is a Lego Waterfall Remake that provides color, intrigue and child-like wonder.

Creating Energy Waterfall

mc escher waterfall illusion creating energy

Image: Mabuchi Design Office/Yuki Akimoto Via Life Science

In this Waterfall remake, we see Maxwell’s demon utilizing Escher’s Waterfall to illustrate the creation of energy from thermal motion of particles.

Waterfall Pumpkin

mc escher waterfall illusion pumpkin

With so many amazing Halloween Pumpkin Carvings, here is another stunning one by Mark Ratliff that brings the Waterfall drawing to the face of a Pumpkin for Halloween.

Waterfall Sculptures

mc escher waterfall illusion sculpture 1 a

mc escher waterfall illusion sculpture 1 b

mc escher waterfall illusion sculpture 1 c

mc escher waterfall illusion sculpture 1 d

Sources: Technion, Shigeo Fukuda, Geekologie

mc escher waterfall illusion sculpture shigeo fukuda

A few variation of the Waterfall Escher drawing presented in 3 different sculptures. All 3 show the drawing come to life in specific angles, and also present the  impossibility when viewed differently.

mc escher waterfall illusion sculpture toy

mc escher waterfall illusion sculpture toy 2

Waterfall Restaurant

mc escher waterfall illusion restaurant

The Waterfall illusion has been inspired Chunky Soup to design a restaurant based on it for an Online game.

Waterfall Artworks Remakes

mc escher waterfall illusion unreal tournament

mc escher waterfall illusion tarot card

mc escher waterfall illusion flying disc

Images: Impossible World and Blog

mc escher waterfall illusion chinese

mc escher waterfall illusion pixel art

A few cool remakes with Escher’s Waterfall which include an Unreal Tournament Map by J.Martin, a tarot card, a flying disc, a Chinese style by David Gladish, Pixel art by Brian Gambrell and even rendered artwork by Pavel Shupletsov and Mama Bear.

mc escher waterfall illusion rendered art

mc escher waterfall illusion rendered art 2

The real Waterfall Solution


As seen above, a real illusion was brought to life by an Escher fan. After a few days of Internet glory, someone has created the neat diagram which explains the Waterfall Illusion Solution and how it was created.