Sony, Panasonic and Samsung to Standardize 3DTV Technology Together

The big 3 of 3DTV home entertainment have gotten together in order to standardize the technology rather offer competing designs.

panasonic 3d tv

According to sources the three companies have decided to put their differences behind them and work together in order to create a single standard for the 3D television industry.

While there are more than three brands of 3D televisions currently on the market, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung are without doubt leaders with the technology and whatever move they make will sure to send ripples throughout the industry.

The license for the standardization is currently set for September 2011, meaning we can all start seeing standardized television technology this year. However, the license for standardized cross-brand compatible 3D glasses will not come into effect until 2012.

This development spells great news for consumers as standardization opens up the door to the possibility of lower overall pricing for the technology, which has until now been at times almost prohibitively expensive.

sony 3d tv

As well, with a single trend to follow, this will make it incredibly easier for third party manufacturers and developers to hop into the 3DTV market for periphals and accessories. Many companies have until now been hesistant to enter into for fear that it would be either a passing fad or that no clear winner would emerge. These companies will now be able to simoultaneously develop add ons for all three brands, rather than picking and choosing.

This collaboration will hopefully signal the consolidation of the technology into something more permanent for the home entertainment market. It would be nice to see the day when 3D televisions progress to the point of being a standard part of home entertainment and less of a hesistant acquisition or one time spending binge.

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