Apple iPad 5 Images Leak Online

As Apple announce the iPhone 5S and 5C phones, a leak of over a hundred images of the in-development iPad 5 have been released online, revealing the new design.

iPad 5 image 1

Released all the way back in 2010, Apple’s touchscreen computer tablet, the iPad, is on its fourth iteration, even seeing the iPad Mini being launched as a smaller screen alternative to its big, tablet brother. Since the launch of the device, Apple has sold 100 million units (as of October 2012) signalling consumer’s appreciation for a somewhat more usable work face, larger than the few inches that our smartphones offer us. But despite the many versions of the tablet, Apple do not seem to be scrapping the line of popular devices as over one hundred images of the next iPad, the iPad 5, have been leaked online, and we have some of those pictures here.

iPad 5 image 2

The new images of the (yet to be officially announced) iPad 5 are via Sonny Dickson, a known Apple tipster and they suggest far more than just the device’s design, pointing towards Apple’s business plan for the tablet. From the suggested specs in the pictures, the iPad 5 will likely feature a smaller design, dropping from 18.5cm in width to 17cm (a comparison image is above), emulating the iPad Mini, which makes business sense, considering that the iPad Mini is said to have popular enough to account for 60% of all iPad sales in Q1 of this year. However, the screen size will remain the same, with rumours suggesting that it will include the hi-def retina display of its predecessor.

Some other features suggested by the new pictures are that the iPad 5 will have ‘bottom mounted speaker grills’ and ‘individual volume controls’ also like the iPad Mini. The back of the iPad 5, going by the photos, seems to be less angular, so we could see Apple promising ergonomic features. As for features in the device’s software, we’ll have to wait for Apple’s official announcement and they are also expecting to reveal the iPad Mini 2.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Trusted Reviews, Sonny Dickson, Wikipedia

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