Mozilla Developing Their Own Smartphone OS

There is little doubt that the big tech companies have put out some OS’s that are extremely popular.  It seems like it would be foolish to take on Apple and Google when it comes to a smartphone OS, but the company that took on, and beat Internet Explorer is going after the big guns again.

While the iOS might be the most popular operating system in the world, right up there with Microsoft Windows and the Android OS, the upstart company known as Mozilla (creators of the uber popular Firefox web browser announced that they are going to take on the popular Smartphone OS makers by releasing their own OS.  This particular move seems to be a little foolhardy, as Google and Apple only seem to be strengthening their holds on mobile OS systems with improvements to their tech that actually has new features like downloadable content being made available that wasn’t available before.


Still, Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko (B2G) is apparently geared to try and compete with the big boys most noticeably because Mozilla’s smartphone operating system will be completely open sourced and will also be web based.  It is this last part that stands out most to because it invokes the Google Chomebook’s operating system in that phones that use these operating systems might be able to work faster, since they wouldn’t be weighed down by big applications that have to be downloaded to the phone.

Mozilla said in a web posting recently said that they feel this particular approach will be able to rely on web apps in order to make their phones even remotely attractive to people who are far more likely to trust and know Android or iOS.  There are other things standing in the way of the new B2G OS.  One big strike against the company is that while the desktop and laptop version of Firefox is eminently popular, Mozilla has yet to put together a truly reliable mobile browser.  That actually seems to be the biggest strike of all, considering of course that most consumers tend not to trust a company that falls flat in the main area where it is trying to compete.