A Breakdown of Apple Store 2.0

Apple recently celebrated 10 years of its iconic retail stores by revamping the user experience and interactivity.

Interactive iPads

Apple recently added a squadron of iPads to promote each of its products – even other iPads.

The ‘pads are covered in plexiglass and run custom software to act as an interactive display educating potential buyers on a new Mac, iPhone or iPod. Despite being covered, the touch screens are fully functioning. The stationary iPads display product information and pricing allowing customers to customize their new machine or compare products. Another great feature is the call an employee function – if a customer has any question about the Apple product they’re looking at, an employee can be called directly from the iPad to assist.

Enhanced Apple Store App

Apple went all out for its retail store revamp and didn’t just stop at its brick and mortar stores. The Apple Store iOS App received an upgrade as well.

The new iOS App allows customers to search for stores and start putting together a build to order Mac allowing the full customization options available on Apple’s website. The App also allows enhanced Genius bar support. The App shows the Genius Bar’s schedule and how many people are ahead of your support request. This means no more hanging around the Apple store 20 minutes before your appointment to see if you can get in early. A link to the respective Apple Store’s workshop is also present allowing you to plan your schedule around Apple’s in store events and demos.

RetailMe iPad App

You didn’t think Apple stopped its iPad retail revamp with interactive displays did you? Apple updated its mobile point of sale App for the iPad.

The new iPads for employees have a slew of features that range beyond mobile checkout. The in-store iPads are pre-loaded with the RetailMe app, Apple Connect, Apple Directory, Concierge and the Easy Pay app. The Apps work in tandem to educate employees about new things happening at Apple and to give them better support for retail operations

Currently Apple uses iPod Touches to accept payments for purchases in the store and are equipped with bulky readers. Apple will be switching to iPads for its payment system. However, the question of what it will for accepting credit card payments has yet to be confirmed. However, Jack Dorsey of Square hinted Apple may use his company’s mobile credit card reader (which is nothing more than a small square that plugs into an iPad or iPhone’s headphone jack) when he posted this Tweet.