Apple Watch battery will last between 2 and 5 hours

New reports around the web suggest that, if used “actively”, the Apple Watch’s (or iWatch) battery would only last between 2 and 5 hours.

Apple Watch Battery 1

A new report from the Mac-centric website 9 to 5 mac claims Apple’s new smartwatch would have a rather short battery life, which would last only a couple of hours if used “actively”. This is because of the A5 processor it uses summed to the Retina screen, both responsible for the watch’s smooth performance. If it was used in mixed mode instead (combining both passive and active), the battery life could go up to 19 horas or even go up to three days in stand by.

9 to 5 Mac claims the Cupertino guys conducted several stress tests and weren’t really happy with the results. By giving it intense use (say, playing games), the battery would be drained in mere two hours and a half, while running apps instead would make it last for three and half hours. Even with only the screen being on all the time, battery life seems to be exceedingly short.

Apple Watch Battery 2

These results are particularly worrying for Apple if we were to compare these with those of the competition. The Moto 360, for example, can work for some 24 hours in mixed mode while the Samsung Gear S can go on for an entire day. The Peblle Smartwatch, although an entirely different beast, can be used for a week without recharging, even.

Apple have not sent any communications about these issues yet, but they trust the iWatch will be used passively and this won’t impact user experience. The Cupertino team are aiming for some 19 hours in mixed mode, but they already know battery life will be rather short, and least in this first generation. Would we be safer if we waited for the obvious iWatch 2 instead?

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