Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber by Bradley Lewis

The Lightsabers from the legendary Star Wars series have flooded the fantasies of men of all ages since A New Hope‘s inception, and why wouldn’t they? The blade being a laser and all, it’s the obvious choice over your standard medieval sword or katana. But who ever thought you’d have one as authentic as this one engineered by Bradley Lewis?

BL Lightsaber

The hilt is made of thick metal and probably weighs a lot, giving it a strong presence in your hand. It’s rounded off perfectly with grooves in its center affording you a good grip. Just below the grooved center is the switch that turns the green light on, which is projected from the top of the hilt through a small hole.

A fancy thing the hilt does is pop open in the middle between its grooves and switch to expose the source of its green light. Just twist the knob at the very bottom of the hilt and voila! A crystal chamber enclosed by bronze rods that transmits the light of a string of LEDs immediately below it is revealed. It makes for an interesting feature because the crystal insinuates that the Lightsaber holds incredible power.

Open Lightsaber

Atop the hilt you can attach a long white pole that acts as the laser blade. When the switched is turned on, the transparency of the blade’s material lets through the light from the string of LEDs below the crystal chamber. Surprisingly, it’s actually quite bright and adds the semblance of the Lightsabers in the movies.

By far the coolest feature of the Lightsaber is the sound of the air cracking as the blade is projected – in this case illuminated – that has become as much of a hallmark of Star Wars as the Force and Princess Leia in a sexy copper bikini.

Kudos to Bradley Lewis!

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Via: DIY Return of the Jedi Lightsaber