Chuck Norris, The Cubedudes Way

The Lego Cubedudes helps you create a Chuck Norris exclusively for yourself. All that you need is a set of Lego blocks and a little time. Adding a little patience and skill will result in a Chuck Norris figure with all major details.

Your figure will resemble the character to the extent that anyone familiar with Norris is sure to recognize it. It is true that getting exact details is not possible with rigid shaped blocks. However, the best efforts have been made here and the outcome is simply fantastic.

For those who do not know Chuck Norris here is a brief history– He is an American martial art expert and an actor. After his stint with the US Air Force, he started getting noticed for his martial art skills. This led him to start a school of his own named Chun Kuk Do. Norris has been a very popular figure and appealing to the younger generation with his ‘tough guy’ image. This led to the starting of a website named Chuck Norris facts. The page has numerous weird and hilarious statements – factual and fictional – related to him. The statements are merely for fun sake and not intended to harm or hurt anyone’s sentiments. Since he is such a popular public figure it is natural for toy companies to bank upon his image and float toys and figures.

The Cubedudes creation of Norris is another addition into the list of toys created around him. It is a tribute to him from his huge fan following.

The Cubedudes craze started a couple of months back but has caught on like a wild fever. Fans have been trying to create figures of their favorite heroes. The creations are up to the mark when it comes to adding details to each one. In the Chuck Norris character, look at the attention given to him. There is a precise haircut that extends to become the beard. The eyes give a very fierce look and the mouth has shiny white teeth to show off. With guns in both his hands the figure is all set to meet a battle challenge.

If you are a fan of Lego you are bound to enjoy the Cubedudes series. There are figures from a wide range to choose from. You could find yourself creating a new character every day. Build your collection of your favorite characters and join the Cubedudes gang.

The child in us would definitely jump at the offer of this cute Cubedudes toy. Lego Superheroes and Lego Futurama Characters are few other fun stuff that one would like to make.

Via: Flickr