ASUS Padfone – Tablet and Phone Rolled into One

Putting all speculations to rest the ASUS Padfone has finally been revealed. It is yet another technological advancement that enables a smartphone to double up as a tablet. Though ASUS has only revealed a mockup, as of now it says a lot of what the product might be like when it finally appears in the market.

The slim looking device is yet to go through a lot of changes with buttons and controls to be finalized, but a look at it is enough to give you an idea of what ASUS aims at achieving. Since the entire device is combined with the smartphone it is the phone that is the actual player over here. The tablet is a display that runs with the aid of the phone.

To take a quick look at the tablet you will notice that it has a rather large display area. This is a 10.1 inch tablet that will go through minor changes with regard to controls. Some of the standard stuff like the power connector, USB connector and audio output can be noticed on the left side and a microphone on the bottom side. The front looks pretty neat with a clear and large display area.

The most interesting part of the whole ensemble is hidden at the back of the tablet. Remember it is named a padfone and this is where the phone comes in. On the backside of the tablet is a slight bump which is actually the door to a magnificent secret. Within this door lies a smartphone which is carefully docked inside. Give the lid a slight push and it opens up to reveal your phone. This is the main part of the padfone. In fact, the padfone works if there is its accompanying phone.

The tablet may be said to have a set of speakers, an extended battery, and I/O extenders but they are all dependent on the phone. It is only when it is accompanied with the phone that the tablet functions. We are yet to be told about the additional functionalities of the tablet since ASUS is trying to play it soft at the moment.

Ever since the Ice Cream Sandwich was revealed it has invited many reviews and views. The same goes for the ASUS padfone. It is also being speculated that ASUS plans to ship the padfone with the Sandwich. The company has plans that revolve around Christmas with the latest Android version.

I wish I could grab this padfone first! For my tech friends who have loved this, make sure you check out Android Tablet and Tablet Newspaper.

Via: Engadget