The NES Water Cooled PC Mod

For a lot of us, the Nintendo Entertainment Center was our first true gaming console.  Those were the days of blowing off cartridges and cheating with the game genie.  Well, the days of the NES are back, at least in a PC mod design. Robert, age 21, from St. Louis has packed a water cooled PC into the small classic NES system turning what was a childhood dream of his into a powerful and unique reality.

As far as the artistic style goes for the design, Robert stuck to the classic Nintendo colors: Red, Black, White, and Grey.  On the top though is a graphical display of a collage of games Robert use to play such as the legendary Zelda, Mario Bros, and Star Fox.  Now, an NES PC is nothing new for there have been a number of builds out there that have been done.  However, Robert wanted to try for something a little more unique, and to his knowledge, it was.

He wanted to create the first NES water cooled PC.  As you can see, a lot of cutting and designing of the actual system were needed in order to fit all the parts in.  The specs for this mod are nothing but impressive boasting an i5 2400 3.1 ghz quad core processor and 8 GB of PNY Optima DDR3 ram.

It has a Sony slot loading BluRay Drive and a TopPower Flex ATX 300 Watt PSU.  The Swiftech pump, 2 baby 40mmx2 radiators, and the Danger Den brass fill port comprise the water cooling system.

The mod also includes a 128 GB Corsai solid state hard drive.  The NES, or Regular Nintendo as some have called it, was Roberts first gaming system too.  What he’s done has taken his, and our first, system and turned it into a one of a kind water-cooled NES PC.

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Via: Cooler Master