Asus Ultrabooks Look To Combine Laptops and Tablets

While the tablet is currently at the top of the computer world it would be silly to think it will always be at the top of the hill.

There are plenty of things right with the way tablets are running these days.  That is why more and more companies like Opera are tailoring their products to run on iOS or Android.  Just a few days ago, Opera finally released a browser for tablets.  While the browser has a few problems it is a demonstration that many tech companies are realizing the power and popularity of the tablet computer.  Team that with the number of different companies that are releasing computers of their own like Google is with the Chromium PC that offer more features than a usual laptop and techies the world over can see which way the wind is blowing.


Now Intel has announced at Computex that they will start producing a product that will marry the two.  The Ultrabook is expected to be released later this year, right around the Holiday shopping season.  The first thing to think about when trying to picture the Ultrabook is that it will closely mirror what Apple has already done with the newest releases of the Macbook Air.  Still there will be some differences between the two products and it will be more than just a difference in price point.  The Ultrabook is rumored to be running on Ivy Bridge, which will apparently be the successor to the Sandy Bridge.

These new computers, which are being billed as the best of a new lot of laptops that are lighter and operate faster than traditional netbooks and laptops, not to mention PCs could start what is a new trend heading into 2012.  Asus is certainly taking a calculated risk by being one of the first to trot out this new kind of device.  If it is found to be ultra popular it could mean a company that has long existed in the periphery will finally be the leaders in something.  If it fails, the company will cement itself as nothing more than an also ran.

Check out the video from Computex of the Ultrabook in action.