Best Artwork of the Red Wedding From Game of Thrones

Finally, the secret is out. Everyone can die; that is why Game of Thrones fans, book readers and TV viewers alike, have gotten used to. But the Red Wedding? Robb Stark, his wife and unborn child and mother, Catelyn Stark/Tully being ruthlessly murdered? Even if you saw it coming, it was still like a knife to the stomach.

We’re not here to go over the differences from the book version (the real version) – there’s no Talisa, but a Jeyne Westerling who doesn’t even go to the wedding and is or isn’t pregnant with the heir to the King in the North; Catelyn kills Jinglebells and not Walder’s wife; Grey Wind actually bursts into the hall, killing quite a few Freys, and other differences.

But for those who have read the books and have been waiting to talk about that moment with friends, family, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends and others who are only show-watches, the wait is over.

So we don’t need to keep the Spoilers about this anymore, and reveal the awesome works of art done over the years (the book, A Storm of Swords, came out in 2000) to describe what is probably the most famous moment in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Red Wedding by FatherStone


Red Wedding by dejan-delic

red_wedding_by_dejan_delic-d5n1a5c (1)

Red Wedding by Fay-Who


The Young Wolf by Munkell


Choose your friends more wisely by bangalore-monkey


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