How about a Siesta in the AT-AT Bunk Bed?

One of the coolest characters that Star Wars introduced us to were the Walkers.

Of them, the All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) seem to be the most popular as we regularly come across modders, craftsmen and geeks building and making stuff that are not only inspired by AT-AT but are also equally cool. This geeky dad has gone ahead and built an AT-AT Bunk Bed for his 4 year old son, and the final result is pretty impressive.

In fact, whoever sleeps in this bunk bed will never have to worry about any sort of dark force troubling or tormenting them. The guy used plywood, masonite, MDF, PVC and foam to build the bunker bed and he needed 60 hours to finish working on it. The bunker bed comes with stairs so that the child can climb into his bed without having to request his father to lift him up.

It is completely white and probably would have been more attractive for the child if few colors were used to decorate it. The gun turrets look pretty menacing and could just be what the doctor ordered to keep those monsters under the bed away. You could also go ahead and take a look at AT-AT Day Afternoon and AT-AT Backpack, which we had featured sometime ago.