How to Make a Star Wars AT-AT Snow Sculpture

Sure, there’s something inherently fun in making a snowman or, depending on your level of maturity, a snow penis, but how about trying something new the next time you’re snowed in? This awesome family decided to do away with snowmen and snow forts and instead create an AT-AT out of snow. The iconic Star Wars vehicle seems a perfect fit, especially since the only place we see them in the movies is on the ice planet of Hoth. Even better, instructions are given to help you create one of your own.

Of course, you need the right snow. If you’re experienced in making snowballs or snow castles, you know that you need snow that packs well rather than loose powder or mushy slush. The first instruction that Miguel Valenzuela gives regarding actually making the sculpture is to make a pi-shaped arch to represent the legs, not only to give a starting point but also to show that the snow can support itself to some extent. You can see that as more snow is piled on, it begins to resemble the basic shape of an AT-AT Imperial Walker, although a snow column holds up the head so that gravity doesn’t bring it down to the ground. A broom handle is also inserted along the length to give something to build the head around.

Using various tools, you can then begin the detailing process, turning it from a silhouette into an even more recognizable work of art. The creator also recommends letting it sit there overnight (assuming your weather will remain freezing the following day) so that the snow compacts further. At that point, you can carefully remove the column supporting the head and have your awesome AT-AT snow sculpture completed. It’s also stated that the sculpture pictured can “hold about 50 pounds worth of children”, so while it may be awesome and ride-able for your tots, it will probably end in disaster if you attempt to ride it into battle yourself.

Imperial AT-AT Snow Sculpture

Imperial AT-AT Snow Sculpture Legs

Imperial AT-AT Snow Sculpture Detail

Imperial AT-AT Snow Sculpture Riding

Imperial AT-AT Snow Sculpture Riding 2

Imperial AT-AT Snow Sculpture 2

Imperial AT-AT Snow Sculpture 3

Via: Star Wars Blog