Forget Light; Let There Be Bacon!

Some historians cite the discovery of electricity and the invention of artificial light it allowed as mankind’s greatest achievement. No longer a slave to the darkness and the dangers it contained, the human race had truly mastered the natural world. The night that had once filled us with such fear and trepidation could now be vanquished with the flick of a switch. Bathed in electric light, people could work and play whenever they wanted, free to do as they pleased whether it was noon or midnight. Truly, it was a wonder of human endeavor.

Other scientists, lazier, hungrier scientists, argue passionately that it wasn’t the discovery of electricity that marked the line between civilized and uncivilized, it was the discovery of bacon. As controversial as this may sound, you have to admit that, no matter its ultimate place in history, bacon is pretty awesome. With its smoky deliciousness and seemingly endless versatility, it remains a meat among meats. The debate might have raged on for generations had it not been for one remarkable man who had the vision to bring these two amazing things together at last. We give you, the Bacon Lamp.

His name may be lost in the winds of the ‘net, but this hero documented his journey of maple-cured discovery and posted the results on Flickr. In painstaking detail, the photos show how he created a masterpiece of edible light fixtures by taking uncooked bacon and stringing it on a lampshade frame. After a quick roast in the oven, he then placed it on a standard lamp shade frame. Described in mere words it may not sound all that impressive, but once you realize that simply by turning on the light, you are also reheating the bacon, the true poetry of the invention becomes clear – and delicious. And also pretty greasy, but still undeniably awesome. We salute you mysterious angel of pork for bringing the two most important human inventions together in a monument to human discovery and hungry dudes everywhere.

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Via: Oddity Central