AutoFrost Cake Decorator: A Pastry Chef’s Death Sentence

Thanks to the advancement of science and technology, that has led to the invention of various devices to ease off our burden. AutoFrost Cake Decorator is one such invention and this machine is designed to free you from manual decoration of the cake.


The AutoFrost Cake Decorating Machine has been designed by the students at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. In this machine the users draw the desired design in GUI which resembles the Paint feature of Windows. This design is then translated into cake frosting by two Arduinos.

The first Arduino checks the movement of stepper motors that makes strung rods to locomote the cake in the x and y axes. The second Arduino manages a servo which distributes frosting from a piston. This system works together to translate a user design made on computer into a frosted cake.

The machine comes with various nozzle shapes in GUI painting display and therefore, you can change the shape of the brush. There is a demerit of this machine and that is incorrect replicate of the GUI drawing on the cake due to data sending and scaling errors. They say that the students are working to attain better accuracy in the GUI replication and proper sensing of the size and shape of the cakes.

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Via: Geekosystem