Steel and Bullet Chess Set: Play it with Nerves of Steel

The game of chess can be traced way back to the 6th Century AD. Centuries have gone by and the game board and its counters have appeared in various forms. One very recent version has been designed as the Bullet Chess Set.

The 3/16 inch flat and 1/2 inch square solid hot rolled steel board can withstand any disaster without hampering your game. It gives a near rustic look which adds on to its gracefulness. Each square on the board has been prepared individually and welded on to a steel frame to create the complete battlefield. The squares are polished in natural steel. For the black squares black paint has been used. A coat of polyurethane gives added strength to the entire set.

A .223 caliber bullet shell casing has been used to design all the counters of the set. This, further, gives a war effect to the game. To bring about the different characteristics of each counter, effects like cuts, slashes and bends have been made on each.

In each game of chess one army is light colored while the other is dark. The light colored army is prepared from steel cased shells and these are placed on red oak mounts. The dark ones are made from brass and have black walnut as the base. Measuring 13 1/2 inches on both sides the board is 1 1/8 inches in width. All counters range from 1 ¼ to 2 ½ inches in height. Being solid metal it has a very stable base. Its weight of 16 lbs is proof of its stability.

Chess is an age old game which has all the thrills of strategy planning, and vanquishing the opponent. Both teams are well equipped with an equally powerful army but the better one wins the battle.

Appearance wise the game equipment is very simple – a square board with eight rows and eight columns arranged in alternating colors of black and white. Both ‘armies’ have eight pawns each and eight officers of various ranks including the king and queen. However, creative individuals have gone to the extent of giving numerous styles to this game set.

Plastic, metal, glass, and wood have been used. Simple wood has been taken up and carved to create amazing pieces of sculptures for each counter. Famous fictional characters have been used as armies of both sides. Magnetic ones have been created for on-the-go players. Every individual has a different way of looking at things. With the coming generations we might get to see many more such chess sets. As of now the Bullet Set is sure going to be collectible piece for every chess lover.

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Via: The Design Blog