Avengers’ Black Widow Gone Wild

I don’t know about you, but I was let down by Black Widow’s role in Iron Man 2. Fortunately, this awesome filmmaker has given her some more worthy opponents’ butts to kick. Done in stop-motion with some high-quality action figures, this short but sweet video is quite simply fun to watch.

I was excited to see that Black Widow was going to be in Iron Man 2, only to be let down. Sure, we got a decent action scene of her beating the crap out of a hallway of guards, but this femme fatale is capable of so much more than just taking down some regular joes. After all, this is a movie where the other main characters all get to fly around in armored suits and shoot lasers at each other. This video, however, gives Black Widow her day of glory.

Rather than Black Widow, the video starts off with a Whiplash action figure, complete with Mickey Rourke’s ugly mug, destroying Iron Man. The female Avenger then gets her revenge by taking him down with some acrobatic melee moves similar to what we see in the movie. The battle doesn’t end there, however, as Robert Patrick’s T-1000 Figure struts onto the scene. After a dozen or so bullets have no effect on the liquid metal man, the sight of her superheroic breasts manages to melt him into a puddle.

Black Widow Gone Wild

Black Widow Gone Wild 2

A Michael Jackson figure steps straight out of the video for Bad, shows off some dance moves, and is rewarded with a kick in the balls from Ms. Natasha Romanova. He didn’t seem to be attacking her or anything, but hey, she’s on a roll. She even keeps her streak going by knocking out Rocky and smacking Batman to the ground. Superman’s brought down with a kryptonite pendant and smothered with his cape. Jack Bauer simply gets his neck snapped. The Predator even arrives to take down the badass babe, but she puts Iron Man’s fallen glove to good use and repulsor-rays the alien back into space. Spider-Man drops in at the end, but unfortunately we don’t get to see the spy go toe-to-toe with the wall-crawler. However, during the credits, we do get to see Black Widow donning the War Machine armor and flying off, which is pretty awesome.

Black Widow Gone Wild 3

Personally, I’d love to have seen this video and its fights drawn out into something longer, but the minute-long flick is still too awesome to really complain about. If you like this, make sure to check out this equally-geeky NES Stop Motion Tribute.