Geek out your Office with an Avengers Themed Desk

Wouldn’t it be nice to geek out your office with your very own custom-made Avengers themed desk? Captain America would be proud.

captain america desk avengers

There’s something about not only being the boss, but also feeling like the boss. An awesome desk like this would be sure to instill loyalty in your employees and cause evil-doers to retreat in fear.

According to Bit Rebels, this desk is the latest creation of an evil genius named Tom Spina, who’s no stranger to designing custom-made office gear and other gadgets.

avengers desk

This desk really has it all. Each section of it offers a rather nice tribute to one of the members of the Avengers. Dead center there’s a nice replica of Captain America’s shield. Flanking it on one side is Thor’s fabled hammer Mjolnir, on the other we have Iron Man’s mask and Arc Reactor, just like the one Tony Stark had crammed in his chest in the movies.

Flipping the desk around, whoever’s sitting in the captain’s chair has quick and easy access to a variety of Hawkeye’s arrows, and even a silver coated handgun under the main desk surface.

avengers desk pistol case

With tons of built-in lighting, these desks are probably one heck of a nice site in person, even when the lights go out in the room. In a way, it would be like having your own personal shrine to some of Marvel’s most memorable characters in your office.

Luckily, as stylish as this desk is, it’s also designed to be incredibly useful to the busy office exec. Hidden behind most of the displays is a large amount of storage space, drawers and other places where one can stash office supplies or top-secret material.

Each of these desks are custom-made by the designer, so don’t expect to see them at IKEA anytime soon.

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