Feast on a Delicious Plants vs Zombies Cake

Playing Plants vs Zombies on your mobile device is probably a lot of fun, but what would you say to feasting on a delicious Plants vs Zombie inspired cake?

plants vs zombies party cake

Plants vs Zombies is one of the most popular mobile games out there these days, and it’s no wonder. Combining ridiculous looking plants with even more ridiculous looking zombies and a whole lot of tower defense style gameplay, everything about the game makes you want more.

plants vs zombies cake

So, how awesome is it that one Plants vs Zombie fan happened to get a really amazing birthday cake inspired by the game? According to Technabob, the cake was designed and put together by a certain Imelda Wikamulia for an avid reader’s birthday. Loaded with geeky references to the game, the cake is covered with a variety of the plant units as well as some ravenous zombies on the attack.

Almost every part of the cake is edible. The grass was made with coconut flakes, the pool with hardened sugar. The tiny costumes on the zombies unfortunately aren’t edible, but at least they give them some great personality.

plants vs zombies birthday cake

I can only imagine how much work went into creating this masterpiece. The amount of detail is staggering. From the tiles on the roof of the house, to the different plant units, to the side board which displays their costs, everything about it shouts love and care. It almost seems like it would be a shame to eat it, but then where would the fun in that be? It’s a birthday cake, they’re meant to be eaten!

It’s great to know that Greg, the recipient of the cake, had the willpower to snap a few photos before digging in, otherwise we would have been left guessing how cool the final product would be.

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