Avengers Gear Recreated In Lego

If you’re creative enough, all it takes to become one of the mightiest heroes on Earth for you is to have some LEGO bricks laying around. Who needs super powers? avengers-lego-gear-1

Introducing now, more productions based on the movie none of us can shut up about, the Avengers! These are the Avengers weapons, faithfully recreated in LEGO blocks by a Flickr user who goes by buriedbybricks. Quite the name, you have there, buddy. In this collection, you can see Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, Hawkeye’s bow and Black Widow’s gadgets. No Iron Man armor, nor Hulk’s fists, though, but the farthest away we stay from Hulk’s fists, the better.







Via: Geekologie

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