The Avengers & Other Heroes, In Traditional Chinese Make Up

Just because the Avengers are America’s pride and joy doesn’t mean that traditional oriental styles wouldn’t fit them! See an artist beating prejudices in the series of portraits below, featuring the World’s Mightiest Heroes and a few bonuses, because the world doesn’t end at Marvel Comics.

Black Widow

The artist himself goes by the name of Jon Little and hails from Iowa. He decided to combine Chinese Opera style makeup with heroes such as Captain America, Black Widow, The Hulk, or even Harley Quinn (don’t hate, that one’s not only a beautiful piece, but a kickass character) and others in this series of illustrations. You can see more pieces and more of his art in his DeviantArt profile or at Society6. Enjoy the rest of his pieces after these lines!

Captain America

Harley Quinn



Iron Man


Nick Fury

The Red Skull

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