16 Alternative & Awesome Lego Creations

The best way to measure creativity is opening a Lego box and creating something completely different than what’s showing on the box, usually referring to what you’re watching on TV or your video game screen.

It’s also another way of telling the person who bought you the gift to do better next time.

The RV From Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad RV

Why is Walter all alone?

Mac Classic With a Card Slot

Mac Classic

A Giant Squid Attacking a Star Destroyer

Giant Squid Attack

I don’t remember that happened in the movie…

The Piranha Plant From Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros Plant

Inception Hallway Fight Sequence

Inception Hallway Fight

The Arc Reactor From Iron Man

Iron Arc Reactor

The Iron Man Hulkbuster Armor

Iron Man Hulkbuster

The Curiosity Mars Rover

Curiosity Mars Rover Lego

A Place to Hang Your Keys

Key Hanger

Diorama of 2001: A Space Odyssey

iPhone Lego Charger

And… it’s also an iPhone charging station.

The Akira Movie Poster

Akira Movie Poster

The ED-209 from RoboCop

The ED-209 from RoboCop

We Landed on the Moon!

Lego moon landing

A UFO Destroying the White House

UFO Destroying the White House

Vintage Polaroid Camera

Vintage Polaroid Camera

Sad Keanu

Sad Keanu

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(Via: Tanner Ringerud)