Awesome Pancake-omatic Instantly Whips up Flapjacks

There truly are hundreds of cool gadgets for every household need. But if you love yummy pancakes in the morning, then this contraption could use a place in your kitchen! Watch as this UK-made Rube Goldberg machine entertains you with its culinary prowess.

With its video featured on Gizmodo, the Pancake-omatic shows how simple and silly it is to make a pancake with the freshest egg – straight from the chicken. Complete with funny buzzes, beeps, and blinking lights, the Pancake-omatic can crack an egg, whisk up the batter, pour, and fry it on the pan. Finally, it finishes with a flourish and flips the cooked pancake onto a plate.

A lot of webbies commented and truly appreciated the Pancake-omatic, some people adding that they wished the machine could actually measure out the flour and sugar, or if this machine can also make a mean crepe or omelet.

All right, it’s not really a fully-functional pancake maker, but the Pancake-omatic is still masterfully crafted, not to mention fun to watch. The video was actually a TV advertisement by the Happy Egg Company in the UK, in celebration of National Pancake Day on February 12, also known as Shrove Tuesday.

Shrove Tuesday is the last Tuesday before the onset of the Lenten season, a religious period observed by Catholics. Since Lent is a period of fasting, people long ago would cook all the food they can on Shrove Tuesday, making use of all their eggs and milk to avoid spoilage. Hence, a lot of pancakes were made on the said day, later on becoming a yearly holiday in the UK now known as Pancake Day.

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