Keep Track of Your Baby At All Times With BabyPing Video

Being a parent is hard, and having technology at our side when it comes to keeping track of our offspring can be a huge relief. That’s where baby monitors come in handy, but we’ve hardly ever seen one as complete and competent as BabyPing Video, the ultimate resource for parents who know their way around gadgets.


BabyPing Video is a multi-award winning smart baby monitor that provides way more commodities than any other device of the same kind. It does what every other baby monitor does, alert parents when the baby is crying, but does so by using its WiFi capabilities and an app for Apple devices. But also, on top of this, it allows parents to check on the baby anywhere, as long as there’s a 3G, 4G or any Wi-Fi network.

The device is compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using the BabyPing App or enhanced BabyPing+ App which run in the background so users may continue reading, playing, surfing the web, or listening to music until something happens. Also, this same monitor can also be shared with other family members, so there’s no reason why all the work should fall on just one person.


While BabyPing values privacy (the footage does not stream online), it still is one of the best cameras around, with a capable night vision that offers visibility without botheriing the baby. It also features full color video at a 640 x 480 resolution, high-quality built-in microphone. Sounds like you could film a movie with this bad boy!

The BabyPing Vide can be bought at BabyPing for mere  US $199.99.

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