Geek Culture Best Disneyland Rides That Were Never Built

Best Disneyland Rides That Were Never Built

Is Disneyland awesome? Well, it depends on your definition of awesome, and how strong childhood tendencies are within you. While there have been plenty of awesome rides over the years, there have been plenty of cool-sounding ideas that have been scrapped for various reasons.

Atlantis Expedition

Atlantis Expedition

What would it have been like –  A re-theming of the Submarine Voyage (which had closed in 1998), based on the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Why not? – The movie was a box office failure.

Baby Herman’s Runaway Baby Buggy

Baby Herman’s Runaway Baby Buggy

What it should have been like – Something similar to the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, based on Roger Rabbit short “Tummy Trouble.” Why it didn’t happen – The failure of Eurodisney in the early 90’s scrapped the project due to the financial losses.

Dick Tracy’s Crime Stoppers

Dick Tracy Crime Stoppers


What it should have been like – A simulation of a shooter featuring a car chase through Chicago in the 1930s. Why it didn’t happen – Dick Tracy bombed in the box office.

Indiana Jones and the Lost Expedition

Indiana Jones and the Lost Expedition

What it was meant to be – A giant complex housing both an Indiana Jones Adventure ride  and a mine cart roller coaster. Why not? – Then-CEO Michael Eisner picked Splash Mountain due to the low cost of building a log flume ride and that it reused animatronics from the recently closed America Sings attraction.

Mary Poppins Ride

Mary Poppins Ride

What it should have been like – A Mary Poppins styled haunted mansion. Why it didn’t happen – No reason has been given to why it was cancelled. Probably a bad idea in the first place.

Monstro the Whale

Monstro the Whale

How it was supposed to be – A shoot the chutes style boat ride and one of the original opening day attractions. Why not? – Limited budget.



How it should have been like – An interactive attraction based on the Alien franchise, with visitors going in armored vehicles out on a mission to rescue the crew of the Nostromo while being chased by you know what. Why it didn’t happen – The idea was too f&^%$* scary.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Ride

The Nightmare Before Christmas ride

What it should have been like – People seated in flying coffins, off on a journey to help Jack Skellington save Christmas. Why it didn’t happen – Tim Burton owns 50% of the rights to the franchise, and prevented it from happening.

If you’re still not tired from reading about rides and roller coasters, check out the extremely awesome Tiger & Turtle Roller Coaster for Pedestrians.

(Via: Brian Galindo)

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