Bang Bang Handle Makes Firearms Seem Harmless

Just when you started worrying about all the crimes that take place because of firearms available easily, Nikita Kovalev’s Bang Bang Handle is being talked about all over the Internet.

This unusual door-knob seems to be a concept and not available in the market at present. There is no information whatsoever about how it functions, what it is made of and when it might be available. However, by looking at the picture one might deduce that the knob would be available in several colours to match interior decor requirements. Perhaps, when you pull the trigger the door opens on either sides and it is also possible that when you pull the trigger, the door bell ‘bangs’.

It is also possible that it is just a decorative accessory and it neither rings the bell nor open-closes the door. I see it more as a depiction of how firearms are easily available and how they are usually misused or used accidentally. Guns and pistols need to be regulated and when you have them available easily, sooner or later someone will use it resulting in injuries and loss of lives. Moreover, it is never cool to propagate the idea that guns and firearms can be cool. Unfortunately, our society has already attached way too much of glamor to guns and their double entendres make many insensitive people laugh as well.

However, these very double entendres related to guns can result in loss of lives, when crimes of passion take place. If you do not find guns and firearms cool, this design concept may not be for you. However, if you love guns and firearms, you might want to wait for the design to be manufactured and sold in the market. You could also take a look at the Primitus Steampunk Gun Mod and the Marshmallow Gun, which look pretty menacing as well.